We feed and grow much more than cattle, that’s why we’re dedicated to a higher standard of teamwork. Every Cobalt Cattle employee plays a vital role in ensuring our team is reliable and strong. Together we care, feed and grow all kinds.

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Pen Rider

Owning a tight bond with our cattle and horses, our pen riders instinctively understand animals and their needs. Their observation and intuition keep our feedyards organized and animals properly cared for. Cobalt Cattle pen riders decide when cattle need extra care and ensure our cattle are humanely raised with respect and empathy.

Male pen rider on a brown horse with a white facial marking while in a feedyard surrounded by cows
Male pen rider on a dapple gray horse in a feedyard rounding up cows
Male pen rider on a brown horse in a feedyard rounding up cows
Male wearing a wide-brimmed hat feeding a white horse in the stables

Feed Truck Driver

Providers of nourishment and sustenance necessary for growth, Cobalt Cattle feed truck drivers are responsible for safe and efficient feed delivery to our animals. Possessing a keen attention to detail and technical dexterity, they provide precise feed rations to cattle exactly when and where it is needed.

Man posing by the driver’s side door of a white feed truck
Front-on view of a white feed truck driving on the road pouring feed into the feedyard
Side view of a white feed truck pouring feed into the feedyard

Mill Operator

Dedicated to high standards of quality nutrition, Cobalt Cattle mill operators ensure our cattle receive a diet that promotes healthy growth. They keep ingredients moving from storage to the mill, evaluate ingredient quality and observe production output for consistency. Mill operators manage mill feed outputs to allow our cattle the best inputs for humane, sustainable growth.

Mill operator happy and smiling at work
Mill operator preparing feed for cattle
Mill operator weighing feed for cattle in a metal bucket

Animal Health Specialist

With gentle hands and precise detail, Cobalt Cattle animal health specialists care for sick cattle and maintain medical records so every animal has a chance to recover and perform. They maintain medical supplies and communicate across teams so everyone can champion cattle care.

Animal health specialist operating equipment
Animal health specialist reviewing cow medical records in front of an open refrigerator
Animal health specialist checking on machinery

Yard Maintenance

The glue that keeps Cobalt Cattle feedyards operating at full potential. Our yard maintenance team are hands-on problem solvers who maintain the feedyards and their equipment so that all Cobalt Cattle feedyards are Beef Quality Assurance-compliant. They are team players and champions of a safe and healthy work environment for all.

Man kneeling in front of a large piece of machinery that he is fixing
A man in sunglasses inspecting a large tractor
Yard maintenance workers inspecting a watering trough

Cattle Management Trainee

With an insatiable hunger to learn and refine their skills, trainees have the opportunity to work across departments, touching all aspects of cattle management. Cattle management trainees get experience in receiving, pen riding, doctoring, processing and milling. All the while, honing their management and animal husbandry skills to become future leaders at Cobalt Cattle.

Man in sunglasses speaking with man in blue shirt and sunglasses out in the feedyard
Man walking behind two cows through a feedyard


With team spirit and expertise, Cobalt Cattle managers work alongside and coordinate across departments to make sure all cattle and feedyard workers can perform at maximum potential. With their teams, they perform high-quality work and foster continuous growth. Managers specialize in:

  • • Feed
  • • Yard maintenance
  • • Mill
  • • Cattle
Two men talking about the large machine in front of them
Two men talking and laughing next to horses in the stables
Person writing on a clipboard with a document including the Cobalt Cattle logo
Man driving a large truck through a field